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Ever wonder about how the process of buying a home should really work? Well, don’t be surprised you’re not alone. Most people have no idea what a great realtor does to help their clients. So in our quest to make your home buying adventure the most transparent, enjoyable and successful experience possible, we’ve added this video to our site to help explain how it really works!

I’m sure you’ve had lots of people share their experiences with you. Some good, and unfortunately some not so rewarding I’m sure.

So sit back a take an in depth look into what a great agent really does to make their clients home buying journey simple, effective and enjoyable. And in the end, you’ll be living your dream!

A Great Agent Will Make A Big Difference!

Whether you’re looking to buy a home now or you’re just curious about what’s out there, there are many websites that promise to give you what you’re looking for. However, in today’s market, using these sites to find your next home might mislead you into thinking you’re seeing every available property that could meet your needs and match your budget. What you can’t see is what these sites won’t tell you, is that there are dozens if not hundreds of better homes at better prices hidden in plain sight.

Before making one of the biggest decisions in your life, you want to be absolutely certain you’re seeing all of your available options, right? Because if you ask any real estate expert, they will tell you the nicest homes and the best deals always go quick, regardless if the market is up or down. This means you are always in a race against smart home buyers who know what they want and had been prepared by an expert to take immediate action in order to get it.

Yes, what we’re talking about is selection. Just like your taste for cars, clothes, and music. There is a house out there that uniquely fits with who you are and where you are in your life. Now your problem won’t be getting excited about moving into this perfect home, but rather it will be finding it fast before someone else while buy’s it at the lowest possible price. Contrary to popular belief, finding an expert certified to advise you on all of your options while preparing you to act fast is critically more important now than previously ever understood.

Here’s another way to look at it. You wouldn’t show up to represent yourself in a court or hire an attorney who lacks expert credentials because like the legal process, unknowingly choosing an agent who isn’t certified in the home buying process can unnecessarily cost you tens of thousands in closing fees, repairs, and other expenses. Most importantly, it can cost you your dream home.

As someone who is looking, what can you do to ensure when you’re ready to buy? You find an expert who is trained and certified to find your perfect home at the perfect price before someone else grabs it. Thankfully, research conducted by the National Association of Expert Advisers, an independent members-only organization, has isolated 81 unique variables that occurred during the home buying process that result in perfect homes at the perfect price, going to the fastest buyers.

Members of the Byrd Property Group are educated beyond your average agent. These professionals rigorously trained to become certified home buying advisers by demonstrating their mastery of the home buying process. These experts are trained and tested to follow a proven, repeatable home buying system that categorizes the 81 unique variables into seven distinct home buying steps to give you an unfair competitive advantage in today’s new real estate economy.

The first step to gaining this advantage starts with having a smart home buying strategy. Like any planner strategy, it is designed to predict problems. In this case, ones that stand in the way of you finding and buying your perfect home. Unfortunately, most buyers don’t know they have this option and start the buying process completely wrong. They unknowingly put themselves at a significant disadvantage which prevents them from seeing all of their options and are at risk of overpaying for the home they choose. This mistake typically occurs when a buyer sees an attractive property online, from the street, or in an advertisement and then calls or e-mails the agent for more information.

From what seems like the logical thing to do can actually be a trap because it doesn’t matter if it’s new construction or an existing home. You’reguaranteed the agent on the other side is paid to sell their properties, not to help you find the perfect one at the perfect price. A smart home buyer knows this. A smart home buyer has a smart home buying strategy that starts by contacting a certified adviser to represent their best interest. Not contacting someone else who’s paid to indulge in their own.

If you look at the numbers, they tell the same story. 90% of home buyers say they did not have a buyer representation disclosure presented to them in writing before working with their agent. This is probably why 68% of those surveyed said they were not satisfied with their real estate agent’s home buying process.

When you meet with a Byrd Property Group home buying adviser, you’ll know they’re working for you, using a process proven to find you the perfect home. They are trained to evaluate your timing and motivations. They’re prepared to stop you from buying out of pure emotion and help you evaluate your purchase as a long-term investment. They’re ready to match you to the most number of available homes that meet your needs.

Can you see why working with a Byrd Property Group home buying adviser is in your best interest? Because as you’ll find out, a smart home buying strategy prepared by a certified adviser can position you to be the accepted offer at the lowest possible price, regardless if other buyers are bidding on it. Now that you know the benefits of becoming a smart home buyer and working with an expert to find your perfect home, you can now remove the risks and gain your unfair competitive advantage by having a smart home buying strategy prepared for you.

Again, this strategy evaluates your timing and motivations, stops you from buying out of pure emotion, and helps you purchase your home as a long-term investment and, of course, matches you to the most number of available homes that meet your needs. 

You are never under any obligation to buy a home. Even if you’ve already started looking, it’s not too late to contact an adviser to provide you a strategy for the rest of the way. It takes only minutes to start, but the results will reward you for years to come. Your Byrd Property Group home buying adviser will then be able to help you find the perfect home at the perfect price.

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