January 2019
Despite being born and raised in Charleston, I had never been tempted to buy a home until the day Jeff Pascoe showed me mine. Not only would I not have gone to visit the house without Jeff’s introduction, but I certainly couldn’t have gotten through all of the logistics of home purchasing without his extremely attentive care. From driving me to and supervising site inspections, to following up on tax documents, to working through the holidays to make sure the closing went off without a hitch, to being present for the closing even when I could not as I was out of country, Jeff was amazing. As someone who positively loathes shopping, I imagine I was not the easiest to work with, and yet Jeff was always upbeat with rapid response times and clear information; he was always getting me to think one step ahead about things that would affect my happiness as a homeowner in the long term. I felt he was my advocate throughout the whole process and would have continued to be even had the house for some reason not worked out. Though I doubt I will ever move from my perfect home (it is perfect!), if I were to ever buy another property, it would be through Jeff.
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