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January 2019
I still have no idea what keystroke sent my name and email address to Waverly Byrd (I thought I had been very careful not to attract contacts in my online searches before I was ready) – but it was divine intervention! All of a sudden I was receiving daily emails of “three properties recommended for you,” some were of interest, others not, but I admired her for reaching out and persisting even though I didn’t respond. So, when I felt it was at the right place to ask for help (I currently live in CA and needed someone to be my advocate in Charleston), I called Waverly. Little did I know until months later that the day I made the call, Charleston was experiencing the very rare snow and she stepped outside of the noisy environment she was in to hear me clearly and stood in the snow – that pretty much defines Waverly’s commitment to me and my quest – she always went the extra mile. I know that doing all this long distance added another layer of difficulty for each of us, but she never hesitated to help when I asked. Her manner was always courteous and polite, her answers intelligent and informative. I came to visit for a week in April and felt like we already were friends who just hadn’t met yet. We visited several properties and I was able to be more clear about what I was looking for, what my tolerances were for compromise and how I felt about various geographic areas. A week after I came back to California, THE home showed up online – Waverly was right on top of it. After competing bids, Waverly helped me construct a winning offer…now the home is MINE. Waverly says she was just doing her job, but, to me, it was so much more – I feel certain this wouldn’t have all come together without her diligence and determination. My friends think I’m a little nuts to have purchased a home I have never seen, but I just say – you don’t know Waverly, I had absolute trust in her ability to know if I would like the place if I could be there. I know this has been a lot to read, but you need to know: YOU COULD NOT BE IN BETTER HANDS than Waverly’s.

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