“This Month in Real Estate” is your monthly up-date as to what’s happening in the real estate market on a national basis. Even though real estate is “hyper local”, national trends are very relevant to our real estate market in Charleston. National real estate trends have a strong influence on the Charleston Real Estate market in many ways. Topics typically discussed in our “This Month in Real Estate” videos are: statistics regarding home sales, trends in interest rate movements, trends in home prices and more. So get your hand on the pulse of the real estate market by checking out “This Month in Real Estate” on our site each month. “This Month in Real Estate” is up-dated each month with the latest trends in the real estate economy. 

So whether your making a local move, buying a vacation home at the beach or moving the family to Charleston, feel free to reach out to our team of local experts. Our team of real estate professionals with the Byrd Property Group @ Keller Williams Realty – Charleston are ready to assist you with your next move!